Lundi 7 avril


Gourdon, inland region of the French Riviera – Typical village, hanging on the edge of the mountain




Vendredi 4 avril (bis)



I know I haven’t been very active these last few weeks, so to make it up to you all, here’s a delicious recipe, quite typical from south-western France. Dead simple yet so gorgeous:

Salade Boyarde:

You’ll need:

– sliced potatoes & salt

– Duck fat to roast the potatoes

– ham / smoked ham (jambon de campagne)

– green salad

– blue chesse (preferably something like blue goat cheese – yum!)

– 1 fried egg / person (optional)

How to:

– Slice the potatoes and put them to fry with the duck fat untill they are nicely roasted, golden and that they smell nice.

– In the mean time, wash the salad and cut it into pieces, lay them at the bottom of you plate / bowl. You can add a bit of vinaigrette if you want (not too much though, you already have the duck fat + cheese and you don’t want to make it stodgy don’t you? Okay, go for some aromatic herbs then)

– Crumble the cheese into bits and spread on top of the salad

– Add the fried & salted potatoes (they will slightly melt the cheese, yum²!)

– Slice the ham on top of it

– And, it you feel like it, add a fried egg


Now it’s all smelling delicious and you can’t wait to taste it, so enjoy!